Sunday, September 5, 2010

Pit Stop In Germany

I am now in Germany waiting to see the doctor on Tuesday. Should be on a flight headed back stateside shortly thereafter. I am so anxious to get home that I cannot stand it. I keep imagining walking off of the plane and seeing Jill and the kids. It is going to be awesome! I just won't to squeeze them.
It has been pretty cool to see some of Germany though. A friend of mine that I met when I was active duty is stationed here at Ramstein Air Base. I have not seen him since 1999 when we were both stationed in Alaska together. The medical group here gave me a $250.00 clothing vulture to the BX on Ramstein AB to buy civilian clothes. This was totally unexpected but exciting to go buy clothes and shoes that you don’t have to pay for. Ron my friend from active duty came and picked me up with his wife and kids. Last time I seen him he only had one little boy that was just a year old and now he has three kids. The oldest boy Christian was at a friend’s house so I did not get to see him but the other two were cute as could be. They made me miss Colby and Morgan even more though. We went to the BX which was enormous. It took me a couple hours to walk around and finally decide on what to buy. It was awesome hanging out together. It seemed like just yesterday we were in Alaska together. I had a really good time. Oh yeah, and he pulled a fast one on me. He slipped a pack of men’s loud colorful string bikini style underwear in the cart when I wasn't looking. I did not find them until I was checking out. Ron and Lori (his wife) are really good people and I am happy that I was able to see them. Almost made me miss the active duty life a little.

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